The emblems of the Fraternity include the following symbols.


The badge is the most prominent symbol of membership. The official badge of the fraternity is a gold pin in the shape of a Roman fasces topped with a double-edged ax and crowned in the superior of the fasces of six stars, each star with an Argent (White) pearl at its centre. The fasces are held together by two ropes in gold that tie the fasces at the top and at the bottom and in which the middle is tied in the form of an x-shaped cross. In the middle of the fasces, above the ropes lies an Argent riband in which engraved to it are the Greek letters Phi Iota Alpha. The badge dies at the bottom with a golden sphere that culminates the fasces.



The pin is the first fraternity pin a prospective member is permitted to wear. It consists of a a top pointed Spanish escutcheon (shield) in Or. The field bisected with a party per bend in Azur, with the sinister chief in Or, and the dexter base in Gules.



The Fraternity Insignia, Coat of Arms or Crest, consists of a blazon composed of an Or shield, Gules chevron lowered a third charged with six Argent stars, three dexter, three sinister. At the fess point, under an oval Azure field, the Latin American Map in Or, surrounded by a steel chain made of twenty-one links. The Greek Letters Phi Iota Alpha in Azure in dexter, fess point and sinister of the chief, occupying a third part of the canton. At the base, a phrygian cap in Gules facing dexter. The principal bordure is double in Azure and Argent, respectively. The shield is crowned with a frontal steel helm, torse and adorned with Argent lambrequins falling at dexter and sinister. The crest is formed by a Roman fasces in Or, in vertical position, and a double-edged ax. A pair of armed lions rampant with langued tongues supports the shield. The riband for the motto at the lions' feet, in Argent, with Azure letters states: Semper Parati Semper Juncti.



The token is the first Fraternity insignia a prospective member is permitted to wear. It consists of a hexagon shaped blazon in Or (Gold). The field bisected in a party per bend sinister in Azur (Navy Blue) and Gules (Red). The token is capped with a Lion rampant.



The flag is modeled after the flag of Simón Bolívar's Republic of Gran Colombia. The short-lived republic that consisted of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama. The official flag consists of three horizontal bands in Or, Azure, and Gules of equal height. The Greek letters ΦΙΑ in Or are located on the Azure field at the center outlined with Argent. The chapter letter is carried on the Gules band sinister in Argent.


Fraternal Colors

  • The Colors of the fraternity in Spanish Heraldry Oro, Azur , Gules, Plata
  • The Colors of the fraternity in English Heraldry Or, Azure, Gules, Argent
  • The Colors of the fraternity in Spanish are Oro, Azul Marino, Rojo, Blanco
  • The Colors of the fraternity in English are Gold, Navy Blue, Red, White