Union Latino Americana


From Johnson, Clyde Sanfred. Fraternities in our colleges.. (1972)
New York, New York: National Interfraternity Foundation

"For Spanish-American students attending foreign universities, Sigma Iota was established at Louisiana State University in 1904. 1931 its members joined with those of Phi Lambda Alpha, dating from 1919 at the University of California at Berkeley, to form its Phi Iota Alpha. The ambitious object of this consolidation, sought through activities of chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Cuba, was "to work diligently to obtain as soon as possible a federal union of the twenty-one Latin American countries."


  • Phi Iota Alpha - United States
  • Phi Kappa Alpha - Cuba
  • Phi Sigma Alpha - Puerto Rico
  • Phi Tau Alpha - Mexico